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Welcome to English & Company the new language school in Vic!

Language is everywhere, without it what would we be? We are constantly communicating and learning. Look around you the next time you walk down the street; without even realising it you probably already know some English words:

stop_sign taxi_sign cafe_sign hotel_sign
...the list goes on. But, wouldn’t it be nice to know more?

English has become a lingua franca across the globe as travel and telecommunications have made the world a smaller place. There are probably just as many non-native speakers of English as native speakers, which makes English a useful tool for people of all ages and walks of life.

If you are at school or university, English is an essential part of your studies. In many subjects the textbooks are in English and everyday things like using the Internet or listening to music bring you into contact with the language regularly.

At work you might need to read technical texts/documents in English, make phone calls or send emails to colleagues around the world.

When you go on holiday you can be sure that knowing even a little English can make your holiday more enjoyable and stress-free.

And, if these weren’t good enough reasons to come and learn English, how about learning it simply out of curiosity? Learning a language is a sociable fun activity that can broaden your horizons and get your grey cells going!

So come and join us on a learning experience you just can’t miss!

English & Company, Rambla del Passeig núm 28-2on, 08500 Vic,
tel: 93 886 25 87, email: info@englishandcompany.es