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English & Company aims to offer a wide variety of courses and resources for its students. We will try to be as flexible as possible and meet our students’ needs in any way we can.

It’s never too late to learn a language so we teach students from the age of six to sixty and beyond!

Young Learners
Fun, fun, fun! We teach children from the age of six and aim to provide a lively, friendly environment so that children can learn English and enjoy themselves at the same time.

We colour, sing, draw, act, play, listen and tell stories all in English. The children have fun and so do the teachers and that means the children learn to enjoy their English classes while they practise speaking and listening skills and increase their vocabulary. If you want your child to start enjoying English from an early age, English & Company can help.

English & Company runs courses for all levels and provides the support students need to get ahead at school. We can prepare students for official Cambridge exams (PET FCE CAE etc.) and help them improve their performance at school all the while making English an enjoyable experience.

We use all kinds of resources in class (video, internet, music, newspapers, games, etc) to make classes interesting and motivating. The focus is always on real English and developing all four skills but in particular helping students to feel confident about using the language and seeing that English is useful.

English & Company understands the pressures on adult students and how difficult it can be to fit classes into a busy timetable and family life. We want our courses to provide the English that our students really want to learn and so make the effort worthwhile.

We know that not everybody needs or wants to prepare for official exams so our courses will be designed to provide students with the English they need, be it for going on holiday or preparing business meetings.

For many people learning a language can be a fun hobby, a way to meet people and have a good time. The best way to do that is talking. We will focus on oral skills and listening especially and help our students feel confident about using their English outside the classroom if they have to.

Business Courses
We can create tailor made courses to fit your business needs. Does your administrative staff need to practise telephone English and emailing? English & Company can help. Does your sales department need to practise negotiating skills and presentations? English & Company can help.

Tell us what your company needs and English & Company will work to accommodate those needs with appropriate materials and techniques so that your business can really benefit from the course and employees can feel motivated and confident about using English in the workplace and elsewhere.

Courses Abroad
We have experience of finding courses for students of all ages in England, Ireland & Scotland. We can help our students to find the best option for them and take the stress out of arranging a stay in the UK.

We can also help to find courses here in Catalonia for those who aren’t ready to go further a field. The choice is yours – we will try to make it a reality.


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tel: 93 886 25 87, email: info@englishandcompany.es